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The Life of a Kitten-Paris' story
Entry 1

Hi, my name is Paris Harrington, I'm the baby of Jean-Pierre and my mama Eileen. This is my story, and how I see things!

First off, lemme tell you about how I came to be part of the Music Room family! I was born to a really warm and cuddly mama, she was really protective of me and my brothers and sisters, but as a few months went on, the lady my mama belonged to decided to get rid of us. We were put in boxes on the street, and I was left alone without my brothers and sisters to keep me warm. I was cold, hungry, wet and tired, when this really nice people-person came along and found me. I wasn't sure what to think of it but he spoke to me in some language that I could understand and his scent was really nice, have you ever smelled a tree after the big clouds come over and water falls from the sky? He smelled like that and it was really comforting. He seemed to be really nice, so I decided to trust him and didn't want to scratch him. He introduced himself as..Leo. Which as far as I know, was a big BIG cat with lots of fur around their head, kind of what he had, but it wasn't as fluffy. He took me to a place where they cared for kitties like me and I met my second mama, a really pretty ginger-haired person with the sweetest voice and smelling like comfort and kindness. I could feel something between my new papa and mama, so I made sure to let papa know I trusted her, but then she wanted to put a sharp thing in me and he had to hold me down to stop me from struggling. Not a pleasant experience for a kitty like me but she was gentle with it so I didn't feel like scratching her because she was talking so nicely to me. Before I knew it, I was in solely her care and papa started visiting more often. In a short life of a lion cub like me, I had experienced a lot and she bought me all these toys and stuff, and the food, oh my god the FOOD! She had the BEST food..that is..until I met..what're their names..

OH! Right!!

Kaoru and Romey!!!
Both of them smelled like the most delicious, most eatable cat food ever and I liked their scents instantly. They were really nice to me too, even though I got that white stuff all over me and tracked it around the kitchen area in the room they cook in a lot. They fed me specially made cub food and man, even now I love the taste of it, Mama tries to duplicate it but can never get the taste right, but she's trying and I'm happy to eat it. Anyway, Kaoru and Romey are really really awesome and just really cool! I like them a lot and they give me treats even when mama says they shouldn't feed me so much. According to her I should be on a diet 'cause my belly's getting too big, but I'm really active so I'm not too worried about it.

My paws are getting tired from batting at the keys but I wanna have one more to write about.

Jenny. Moreau.

Sweetest, most nicely scented, and gentle-voiced people-person I have ever met aside from mama and papa..she sings to me, lets me tangle my paws in her hair and she even gave me what mama calls a blue bowtie! I really like her and she's really nice, always petting me JUST RIGHT between the ears, and scratching at that one spot that turns my bones into water and makes me melt. If Eileen wasn't my mama I'd want Jenny to be my mama. She's so sweet. So kind and gives me treats too. I really like it when she sings to me though, it's like an angel-cat's voice.

That's it for now, my paws are tired from this thing mama calls a keyboard and having to press the keys. I'll make another entry soon!!

-Love Paris.
Paris is (c) to MOMR3! Don't be stealing the lovable kitty!

Kaoru Hitachiin and Leo (c) to Bisco Hatori

Jenny, Romey, and Eileen (c) to MOMR3 and their respectful owners.
ParistheMOMR3Kitten Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014

(Paris thanks you for your comment XD)
maakurinohime Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Awwww super cute x3
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